Friday, August 13, 2010

Art 2009 pt. 1

My senior year was my second time being asked to be in AP art. I had already taken the 2d studio so i had to choose 3d this time. I was hesitant at first to start working in 3d because I had never done it before, but it is actually where I now find my real passion. I also started taking ceramic classes junior/senior year and these are a few of the bi-products of that venture.

many of the ceramics pieces have since been sold.

this piece was a collaboration between artist Bethany Schriner and myself. It was our excuse not to go to religion class for an entire semester as well as having to take the exam! The entire rosary is made of hand made and hand glazed beads as well as a hand made cross. The piece became a part of the permanent collection at Powers Catholic High School in Flint and was blessed at our Senior Mass.

Art 2008

2008 was my first year in AP Art. The subject for my thesis was 60's and 70's Rock. My subjects varied from abstract expressionistic pieces to politically driven anti-Vietnam works. My thesis pieces were all formatted to look like album cover art work because to my that was one of the great staples of the hippie era. The entire time period fascinated me.

This piece was chosen from a Lapeer, MI art showcase to be put on display at Western Michigan at the Michigan Art Education Association Exhibition.

Art 2007

These pieces were done me sophomore year of high school. I was able to become a little bit more creative and expressive in my work. Most of these are all class assignments however.